Inner sites: Sites 1 2 3. Possible inner sites: Sites 1 2 3. We recommend submitting this job again with inner sites masked out.
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Site 1

SER A1629
GLN A1630
TYR A1631
LEU A1632
ILE A1633
PHE A1666
HIS A1670
PRO A1754
LEU A1755
ASP A1810
MET A1811
LEU A1812
LEU A1814
GLN A1815
ARG A1818
PRO A1835
TYR A1836
GLY A1837
CYS A1838
LEU A1839

Site 2

TRP A1669
HIS A1670
SER A1673
MET A1811
LEU A1839
SER A1840

Site 3

ILE A1633
VAL A1636
GLN A1637
HIS A1670
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