Possible inner site: Site 2. We recommend submitting this job again with inner sites masked out.
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Site 1

LEU X1240
GLN X1241
MET X1242
GLY X1244
GLY X1245
LEU X1248
ARG X1271
VAL X1272
VAL X1275
LEU X1276

Site 2

GLN X1039
ALA X1040
PHE X1041
LYS X1042
LYS X1045
ALA X1046
TYR X1047
SER X1048
VAL X1051
GLU X1055
VAL X1234
ALA X1237
MET X1238
GLN X1241
ASP X1266
ARG X1267
THR X1268
SER X1269

Site 3

THR X1123
ASN X1135
ILE X1136
ILE X1137
SER X1146
LEU X1147
VAL X1148
Left Mouse Rotate
Shift + Left Scale
Ctrl + Left Translate
+,− Clipping
r Reset view
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